Throwback Thursday: Staff Trip to Switzerland

National 4pm Finish Day
September 15, 2017
IAW Trade Show
September 26, 2017

With our upcoming staff holiday to Majorca fast approaching, we wanted to rewind 18 months to our skiing holiday in Switzerland.

Back in February 2016, our MD Guy Fennell, invited us along to an all-expenses paid skiing trip. Of course, the team jumped at the offer!

Following the flight, we were greeted with a champagne reception and a short taxi drive to Champéry. The hotel we stayed at; Hôtel National Resort & Spa, looked like something straight off a postcard. Mountain-facing with an infinity pool, it was a beautiful balance between contemporary and traditional – it was exquisite.

Having a mixture of very competent and seasoned skiers, with some less skilled and some of the team choosing not to ski for various reasons, the hotel and overall setting was perfect.

Some of us spent the entire day at the slopes, while others relaxed in the hot tub and spent the morning at the spa, meeting us for lunch in the afternoon.

Eating out at a different restaurant each evening as a team, it was a great way to get to know our colleagues across all the different offices, outside of work.

Since then, the team has grown rapidly and so Majorca will be the perfect opportunity to get to know all of our new team members!